A short clip from a fire tornado I created for a Caltech party, which was later expanded on in four subsequent generations of fire tornado. When asked, I describe it thus: "It's like a regular tornado, except with fire"


An eye tracking application I wrote as a result of an invention contest my senior year of college. By borrowing ideas from theory and implementation of various gaze tracking and feature recognition codes far and wide, I managed to make a mostly working eye tracker in my spare time during my first year of graduate school. Then, I found out that all of my ideas had already been patented by Tobii, so I abandoned the project.

GitHub link >>

An automatic airsoft sentry gun from spring break of senior year in high school. Camera + servos + hacked PWM via stereo output port = 1 inch accuracy at 20 feet.

A homemade radio control hovercraft I scrapped together out of a car and a boat in junior year of high school. It hovered, and it was a craft, not much more to be said.